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Welcome to my wargaming page. Here I plan to have replays of games I've played, and scenarios for Miniatures! In the links below, you will take the high ground with the USMC in Korea, or battle tremedous odds with the Royal Navy in WWII. You will also find links to companies that sell games, as well as games in general. I hope you find the page (and the links) useful.
I'm also adding a guide to miniatures. Have you ever seen demonstrations in the local mall, or perhaps at the local school?
If so, and you're curious,watch this page. The link to naval gaming below will discuss action on the high seas, and the link to war on land will discuss land miniatures. I personally don't game fantasy or science fiction stuff (Warhammer 40K is popular in colleges right now), but the principles are the same.

My Prairienetpage (now on tripod!)

 War of 1812, Put a Prairie in your garden, Constitutions of the State of Illinois, and all about me!,

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My game pages

Semper Fi! Page: The USMC in Korea
Naval Action Page: Go to Sea and fight naval battles
Wargaming Scenarios : Scenarios for Miniature gaming!
Wooden armies:  How to build armies of wood!
Book Page: Excellent books for your pleasure and erudition!
Buy books/music/etc. Page: Need a gift? Buy it here!

Patrick Collins