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Near the Prophets Town
Nov. 8th, 1811


I have the honor to inform you that the dawn of yesterday terminated an action between the troops under my command and the whole of the Prophet's force - their precipate retreat leaving a number of the warrior dead on the field and the subsequent abandonment of their Town  (which was partially fortified) attest for us a complete and decisive victory.  It has however been dearly purchased - a number of brave and valuable men have fallen victims to their zeal for their country's service.

The behavior of both regulars and militia troops was such as would have done honor to veterans. I arrived at my XX position ( a mile from the Town) on the evening of the sixth instant. A correspondence was immediately opened with the Prophet and there was every appearance of a successful termination of the expedition without bloodshed. Indeed there was an agreement for a suspension of hostilities until a further communication should take place on the next day. Contrary however to this engagement he attacked me at half past four o'clock in the morning so suddenly that the Indians were in the camp before many of the men could get out of their tents. A little confusion for a short time prevailed, but aided by the great exertions of the officers I was soon enabled to form the men in order.The companies which were hard pressed were supported. Several successful charges made and about daylight the enemy were finally put to flight after having penetrated to and killed men in the very center of our camp.

Our killed and wounded amount to 179 of these 42 are now dead and seven or eight more will certainly die. I believe that the Prophet's force is so entirely routed that he will not be able to collect a sufficient number to harrass us on our return. But should this be the case it may be in his power encumbered as we are with the wounded to do us considerable injury. We are moreover XX of every article of provision excepting the corn (which we have taken) and about four days XX of flour at the short allowance of 3/4 of a pound per diem. Indeed  the army have drawn no more then this for three weeks and all our beef cattle  broke from us the night of the action and were dispersed and driven off by the Indians. You may rest assured Sir that I shall make every exertion in my power to conduct the Troops in safety to the settlements. I have not been able to ascertain the number of Indians in the action - it must however been considerable. The principal chief of those Potawatimies who have joined the Prophet is wounded and in our possession. I have taken care of him and shall send him back to his tribe. At a more leasure moment I shall do myself the honor to transmit a more particular account of the action and of our previous movements and am with the highest respect

Sir  your
Hbl   Svt

William Henry Harrison

The Honorable William Eustis
Secretary of  War