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                                                                                                                     Vincennes, 18th Nov. 1811


In my letter of the 8th instant I did myself the Honor to communicate the result of an action between the Troops under mu command and the confederation of Indians under the control of the Shawanse Prophet. I had previously informed you in a letter of the 2nd  instant of my proceedings previously to my arrival at the Vermillion River where I had erected a blockhouse for the protection of the Boats which I was obliged to leave and as a depository for our heavy baggage and such part of our provisions as we were unable to transport in Waggons. On the morning of the 3rd instant I commenced my march from the Blockhouse. The Wabash above this turning considerably to the eastward I was obliged in order to avoid the broken and woody country which borders upon it to change my course to the westward of north to gain the prairies which lie to the back of those woods. At the end of one days march I was unable to take the proper direction (NE) which brought me on the evening of the 5th to a small creek at about eleven miles from the Prophet's town. I had on the preceeding  day avoided the dangerous pass of Pine XXX by incling a few miles to the left where the Troops and Waggons  were crossed with expedition and safety. Our route on the 6th for about six miles lay through prairies separated by small points of woods.
My order of march hitherto had been similar to that used by General Wayne - that is, the Infantry were in two columns of fileson either side of the road and the mounted Rifle men & Cavalry in Front, in the rear and on the flanks.