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Prairie in the Yard!

In my garden in Kane Co., IL

1994 plantings
Buttercups, Milkweed, Prairie Rose, Cone Flowers, Sun Flowers, Potentilla



1994 surprises (I didn't plant them, but they are there!)
Evening Primrose (Returned for 1995!)



1994 MIA (I planted them, but no sign yet)
New England Aster,Sky Aster



1995 plantings
Cup Plant,Compass Plant,Rough Blazing Star, Lead Plant,New Jersey Tea,Indian Grass,Cardinal flower (seed), Blue Lobelia (seed),Big Bluestem (seed),Fireweed,Prairie smoke, Wild geranium



1995 surprises
Daisy Fleabane



1996 Notes on my garden
Some of my plants bloomed when I planted them, some waited until the second year. The buttercups and prairie roses waited, but the display they gave me this year was worth the wait. I had blooms on the geraniums and blazing stars from this year's plantings. The garden did OK through the famous Chicago heat wave, but it didn't hurt that we had rain one night after the wave.



 I'm having problems with grass invading. I hope to burn it this fall, maybe that will lessen THAT problem. I am happy to see a number of birds perching on the milkweeds. So far, I haven't had too many butterflies, but the milkweeds aren't in bloom yet. Next year I will get butterfly bush and bee balm. Of course, I said that THIS year about butterfly bush.

 1997 Notes

I'm happy to say that after THREE years my Prairie Smoke bloomed this year (1997). The Compass plant and cup plants are doing nicely also. I didn't see the buttercup this year, but the wild geraniums did very well. Blue stem is every where, two years after seeding. I burn March of 98 for sure. I also expanded the prairie about 30 Sq. Ft this year. My plot to cover the yard continues! I also planted a small Bur Oak (96), which is alive and year after the winter. I lost a Red Oak (my fault), and a butternut tree. Whoever buys my house (in 30 years) will have a nice yard!

Prairie smoke is still blooming. Prairie Roses have spread widely, and the big bluestem is growing nicely.   The bur oak is doing GRAT, I wish I had planted more. I may still.  Still no burning, arggh!! More later....

Sources for Prairie Plants (and seeds)

I have personally purchased from Bluestem, Prairie Moon, and The Natural Garden. I intend to try some of the others as time goes on. They are all recommended. I have received plants that had moist roots, and grew when planted. The service I received was excellent, with all my questions answered promptly. What more do you want?

 One note: Many of these companies are small. Please do NOT order a catalog unless you are serious about placing an order. Also, order EARLY!! I ordered in April, and many items were already gone. These companies will not ship until the plants can be planted, so don't wait.

 All have both seeds and plants, unless otherwise noted.

 Bluestem Prarie Nursery
Route 2, Box 106-A
Hillsboro, IL 62049
(217) 532 6344

 Propagator Private Stock
8805 Kemman Rd.
Hebron, IL 60034

 Illini Gardens
Box 125
Oakford, IL 62673 (Plants only)

 Midwest Wildflowers
Box 64
Rockton, IL 61072 (Seeds only)

 Windrift Prairie Shop and Nursery
RD 2
Oregon, IL 61061

 LaFayette Home Nursery
Route 1, Box 1A
LaFayette, IL 61449

 Prairie Moon Nursery
Route 3, Box 163
Winona, MN 55987
(507) 452 1362

 The Natural Garden
38 W 443 Highway 64
St. Charles, IL 60174

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