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Main Wargame Page!

Hi! This page is inspired by the GBoH page and a TCS page I've seen. I will have a discussion of a wargame that I've played, or am playing. (NOT the Champion Hill I'm playing by email with people from three countries, though!)

For the inspirtation, see the TCS page:

TCS Battles

The situation is early in the Korean War. A Force of USMC is marching north to engage a fleeing NK division. The North Koreans have set an ambush, to slow down the Marines.

The North Koreans have triggered their ambush earlier than they expected. They had hoped to get more of the Marines in range of their guns.

The USMC is mostly strung along the road, but the tanks have deployed on solid ground. It is very hot, and the Marines are not yet used to the weather, so climbing the hills will be slow. (At this stage of the war, the Marines had not gotten used to the Korean heat).

A Corsair attacked the MG section, but with no results. The Marines have taken a few losses. Their goal is to clear out the NK, and proceed north. The NK goal is to delay the USMC until 17:00 or later.
It is now 13:40.

Patrick Collins
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