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The USMC attacked hill 202 and the opposite hill. While little damage was done to the forces on hill 202, the other hill was different.

The USMC was able to force an INF to retreat, losing their advantage of prepared positions. On the small hill north of the road, the 83rd decided to close assault the tanks. Despite their surprise movement, the tanks were able to force them to retreat, while US recon forces finished them off.

USMC ARTY and the Corsairs were unusually ineffective. The tanks redeployed to take the NKPA under fire, leaving hill 202 for later.
After wiping out the forces on the opposite hill, the USMC redeplyed to get into range on hill 202. This involved some troops slogging across the paddies, while others kept the NK troops under fire, to cover the moving units. While ARTY did little damage, it did suppress the NKPA, allowing the USMC to move in with little damage.

Eventually, the combined USMC forces wiped out the hill 202 North Koreans. However, the stubborn defense cost the Marines enough time and casualties for the game to barely be a Marine minor victory. (in game terms, the USMC lost six steps)

A tough day for the Marines, but a harder one for the NKPA!

Positions at the end of the game.

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