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Historical Scenarios

USN vs Vichy France, Nov., 1942


DL Milan, Albatros
DD L'Alcyon, Brestois, Boulonnais, Fougueax, Frondeur
CL Primauguet

CA Augusta
CL Brooklyn
DD Wilkes, Ludlow, Swanson

Opening Range, 18,000 yards.
US forces are between the French and the US transports. The US Transports are 8000 yards behind the US forces.
CL Witchita, Tuscaloosa may reinforce after 10 turns.
BB Massachusstes may enter after 15 turns.

French goal is to sink as many US transports as possible. US goal is to drive off the French forces.

Historical Result: US forces drove off the French, but not before quite a scare was given the transports (and the Admiral responsible for protecting them!)
No ships sunk on either side, mainly due to the skillful use of smoke by the French.

RN vs IJN, Gulf of Siam, 1944


CA Haguro


4 DD

Historical Result

Haguro was sunk, and the DD's took no damage.

Hypothetical Scenarios

These have historical forces, which were in the area, but did not meet for one reason or another

August 1943

USN vs Italy


CL Raimondo Montecuccoli, Eugenio di Savioa

CL Philadephia, Savannah, Boise, Brooklyn

In truth, only two or three of the USN crusiers would have been available. Don't use all four. The scenario can be either day or night, but night woudl give the usn a big advantage due to Italy's not having either radar, or night training anywhere close to the IJN.

August, 1943

USN vs Italy


CL Garibaldi, Duca D'Aosta


CL Philadelphia, Savannah
DD Bristol, Ludlow

A night action, starting around 0300. The weather is misty.

Major Fleet actions possible with the invasion of Sicily.

RN vs Italy

BB Roma, Vittorio Venetia, Littoria
5 CL, DD
at Spezia

BB Doria, Duilo
CL Cadorna
DD 2 (older)
at Taranto
plus 3 CL and 2 DD at Genoa

BB Nelson, Rodney, Warspite, Valiant, Howe, King George V
CV Indomitable, Formidable
DD 19 British, 3 Dutch, 1 Polish, 1 Greek
CL 5 Dido class; Penelope

In general, the Italian should be allowed to concentrate a greater part of their forces than the British, as the latter would have been covering the landings, worrying about feints, etc.

USN vs IJN December 26, 1994 Off Mindoro

The IJN tried to raid a beachhead off Mindoro just after the US landed. US forces were unable to get to the scene on time, but the IJN did minimal damage. Had the US gotten there in time, the following battle could have occurred.

CA Louisville, Minneapolis
CL Phoenix, Boise
8 DD (Fletchers)

CA Ashigara
CL Oyodo

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