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Turn 4. The convoy turns another 30 degrees in an attempt to escape. The DE's turn to attack the Germans.
The Germans both turn towards the convoy, and advance as fast as they can (Gn is at half speed). Both open fire at Malaya, and their faster guns get to fire first. Sch hits Malaya, and sinks her.

Turn 5. The DE's plan to fire a torpedo spread at the Germans. The Germans, anticipating this, hope to turn into the spread, and avoid the torps. Gn is successful, and only has to worry about two of the four torps, and those miss. Sch badly times her maneuvers, and presents a broad beam to the spead of four, one of which hits. Sch is now damaged. Poor damage control allows the damage to become heavy later in the turn. All gunfire misses.

Turn 6. The convoy again turns, but with hope. Gn is at 16 kts, Sch at 4. The convoy can make 14 kts, and the DE's have another salvo of torps. They may yet survive this encounter. The DE's fire their last torps. Gn and Sch open fire. Sch misses, but Gn sinks a DE in one mighty blast. Revenge is not slow in coming, as Gn is hit by a torp, and becomes heavily damaged. Sch is also hit, and would sink, but the torpedo is a dud!

Luck is at last with the British. Gn is able to control her damage, but she will be at 4kts until she makes port. Sch has a chance to improve, but not this turn. At best, she will be 16 kts at the end of next turn, giving the convoy and the last DE two precious turns to escape into the North Atlantic fog. At best, the Germans can hope to make port. At worst, the RN will catch the heavily damaged ships, and make short work of them.
This game is over. 

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